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Our goal is to enhance the visibility of successful conservation stories worldwide through the use of visual media. We do it by combining our passion for knowledge, discovery, writing, filming and editing.


To deliver the best films we need to deeply understand the spirit of the stories we want to tell. We thus have to form trusted bonds with the local people, follow the reseachers around,  find the best shooting locations, discover the magic of a place and wait for those instants that speak more than a thousand words. It is a challenging yet immensely rewarding process. The payoff is always an outstanding film.


Moreover Terra Conservation Films' strong scientific background immensely helps us understand the core of a conservation story. In order to deliver the most accurate scientific content, we also work in collaboration with world-renowned researchers and ecologists who advise us during the scriptwriting process.


Whether you are planning to make a conservation documentary or a promotional video for your nature non-profit/business, we can assist you to shape it into a film you will be proud of.

Terra Conservation Films is specialized in the production of award-winning documentaries about people, nature and their challenging relationship. We also make promotional videos and teasers for organizations or businesses working with the natural world.

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