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Giuseppe's filmography 

Broadcast Films:


-Beyond the Alps (DOP). 2-part TV series. ARTE-ZDF. To be released in 2020


-Among Africa's Primates - the Adventure (cameraman). NDR. 2020;


-Wild Cats of India: Masters of Disguise (editor). National Geographic Wild. 2020;


-Wild cats of India: Big Cat Kingdom (cameraman). National Geographic Wild. 2020.


-Suswa, Life in a Volcano (principal photography). NDR-ORF-ARTE. 2019;


-The Lost Kings of Bioko (cameraman). NDR-WDR-ARTE-ORF- SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL-SVT. 2019;


-Ocean Safari (DOP&director). 5-part TV series. Nautical Channel (2016);


-Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix (DOP, Director, Editor, Scriptwriter). National Geographic Channel, Italy (2007).


-Syrian Ibis (DOP). Wild Chronicles, National Geographic Channel/BPS. 2006.



Other Films:


-Oinoyssai (Drone operator). Short shot entiraly with a DJI Phantom pro 4+;


-Water Sweet Water (DOP&director).  Fundraising and outreach video, University of Bath (UK). 2018;


-Lale'enok, a Maasai Journey (DOP&director). (2017);


-The Seven Bastions for a Food Secure Yemen (director). 7 shorts made in collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) about the Yemen National Food Security Strategy (2015);


-Welcome to Kenya. Promotional video (2014);


-Zeitz Foundation: the 4Cs. Promotional video. Zeitz Foundation, kenya (2014);


-Terra Conservation Films. Showreel (2013);


-Wild Moves. Series teaser (2012);


-Out of Comfort and Into the Wild. Series teaser (2012);


-Laikipia, the Land of Life. Wildlife and Conservation feature length documentary. Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Kenya (2012);


-Laikipia, Wild and Personal. Promotional video. Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Kenya (2012);


-Laikipia Wildlife Forum: Conservation in Action. Promotional video . Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Kenya (2011);


-Spotter Come-Home. Black Rhino conservation short. Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Kenya (2010);


-Walking with Baboons. Series pilot (2010);


-African Conservation Centre. Promotional documentary. African Conservation Centre, Kenya (2009);





- National Geographic Wild;

- NDR, Germany;

- Arte, Germany:

- ZDF, Germany;

- ORF, Austria;

- PBS, US;

- Smithsonian Channel, US;

- SVT, Sweeden;

- Nautical Channel, UK;

- National Geographic Channel, Italy.





-LALE'ENOK, a Maasai Journey


* Honorable mention, Yosemite Internaitonal Film Festival, USA (2018);

 * Silver Remi Award, WorldFest, Houston, Texas, USA (2018);

*Award of Distinction, Best Short Competition 2017 Humanitarian Award,  la     Jolla, California, USA (2018).        

*Award of Excellence, Best Short Competition, la Jolla, California, USA (2018).



* Best Environmental Film, DokumentArt, Bucharest, Romania (2013);

* Third Runner-Up in "Best Environmental and Conservation Films" category, “Wild Vaasa”, Vaasa, Finland (2012);

* Merit  Award for Human/Wildlife Interaction & Music, “Montana CINE” International Film Festival, Montana, USA (2012);

* Bronze Remi Award, Worldfest Houston Film Festival, Houston, Texas,   USA (2012);

* Cena občanského sdružení Perseus, Ostrava, Czech Republic, (2012).



* Best Foreign Film, 4th New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. New  York, USA (2013);

* Silver Remi Award, Worldfest Houston Film Festival, Texas, U.S.A      (2008);

* Best Newcomer, 4th Annual Montana CINE International, Missoula, Montana USA (2007);

* Best documentary in “Endangered species and Habitats” category, EarthVision Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA USA(2007);

* Merit award for the Use of Music, “International Wildlife Film Festival”, Missoula, Montana, USA (2006);

* Best Newcomer, “International Nature and Environment Film Festival”  Teramo, Italy (2005).



* Merit award for Conservation, “International Wildlife Film Festival”,   Missoula, Montana, USA (2011);

* Silver Remi Award, Worldfest Houston Film Festival, Houston, Texas,  U.S.A (2011).



* Second Runner-Up in "Short Films" category, "Wildlife Vaasa", Vaasa, Finland (2014);

* Special Jury Award, Worldfest Houston Film Festival, Texas, U.S.A      (2014);

* Mention of Honor for Conservation Message, “International Wildlife Film  Festival”, Missoula, Montana, USA (2011).