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Giuseppe Bucciarelli

Founder and Director of

Terra Conservation Films

Giuseppe is a film-maker and a biologist with fifteen years of research experience in ecology, molecular biology, population genetics, speciation, foreign species invasion and genome evolution. He has worked for the University of Firenze (Italy), the University of California Santa Cruz (USA), and the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station (Italy).


In 2004 he stepped into film-making and produced the multi-awarded film AHMED AND THE RETURN OF THE ARAB PHOENIX, a compelling story about the re-discovery in the Middle-East of an iconic, yet believed extinct bird, the Syrian Northern Bald Ibis.


In 2009 Giuseppe moved to Kenya and founded his production company, Terra Conservation Films. He collaborates with several conservation organizations and wildlife experts, making films about endangered ecosystems to raise awareness on conservation issues. He is also involved with local communities, helping them to solve human-wildlife conflicts.


In order to perfection his production skills, in 2012 he got his Documentary Campus Master degree (Munich, Germany) in documentary film development after a year-long specialization course.


He is a ARRI Amira, RED Epic, Sony F55, Sony Venice, Sony Fs7, Sony A7Sii, Panasonic GH5, Flir (thermal camera), Ronin (gimbal), camera movements (slider and jib) and drone (DJI Phantom pro 4+) specialist.


Giuseppe’s documentaries have been aired on PBS (USA) and the National Geographic Channel. His films have received several awards around the world.

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